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Doctor Zygote - 36— free download here
+ Paul McGeiver

Anon - Jungle Rag

Ori Alboher - Shiny Pills 
/ photo: Vasil Germanov

Oh No! Monsters - You’d Think I’d Remember a Scar Like That

Of Oceans - My Love For You Will Surely Be The Death Of Me

footage by: florencio casale (from 1955 to 1977)
edited by: joão de almeida

this video is based on the “Casale Tapes” which are a family video-document that have been forgotten for 30 years as explained here.

it regards 3 generations: the grandfather, the father and grandson. it starts with the “father’s” 10th birthday in 1955 and ends with the grandson in 1977. the footage was finally recovered by “the grandson”, Fer, after 30 years and was posted in for preservation.

Fragments of RGB - 02

Music: Agoria - Simon


Dive - From Fields  

Madness In A Jar by Berndt Norbert Wuertz